Orcas Program: Aged 3 years and up

(Only 3 children per class)

Survival is first and foremost for non-swimmers over the age of 3 years until they become proficient in a variety of swimming and survival skills.  Subsequently we will then refine their technique as we begin to teach the formal strokes.  


Orcas Beginner

Recommended:  2 lessons per week

Non-swimmers (or children with little swimming experience) will learn the most advanced survival skills currently being taught throughout the world, prior to being taught the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke.

Orcas 1

Recommended: 2 lessons per week

Safety is a priority for young children when in and around water, therefore survival skills play a major part in these lessons.

These children are competent in basic safety and survival skills.  They are beginning to refine and become more proficient in the stroking and kicking skills of freestyle and backstroke.

Once their freestyle stroking and kicking skills have progressed to the required standard, children will then learn to take a breath to the side.

Our teachers are experts in breaking down the learning process into small steps, enabling the child to master their skills with ease.
Small steps lead to great success!

Orcas 2

Recommended: 1 to 2 lessons per week

Safety is still a priority for these children as they are not yet strong swimmers, therefore survival skills still play a major part in these lessons.

Children continue to refine their freestyle and backstroke.  Breathing in freestyle is now being perfected. 
Children are learning basic diving skills as well as tumble turns.
The fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly are introduced at this level.

​Orcas 3

Recommended: 1 to 2 lessons per week

Children are now able to swim longer distances in both freestyle and backstroke.

Children will learn and perfect the more advanced strokes of breaststroke and butterfly much quicker through our unique program and teaching methods than they otherwise would in a "squad situation".  

Diving, starts and turns are being perfected in this level.

Children will subsequently progress from Orcas 3 to our mini-squad program to further develop distance swimming, advanced techniques in all strokes and to perfect starts, turns and finishes in readiness for competition swimming.

Regardless of the age or swimming ability of a child, there is always the possibility of them getting themselves into difficulty whilst in and around water, hence survival skills are reinforced regularly throughout these lessons.


Bookings are taken at any time throughout the year and block lessons are available throughout school holidays. Contact us today to book your lessons!