Here’s what others have to say!

“My daughters Larissa aged 7 ½ years, Georgie aged 4 ½ years and Maddy aged 2 ½ years have been attending Aquatic Kidz Swim School for well over a year.

When we started at this school with John and Sue, Georgie had a very negative experience at swimming lessons with a swim teacher at another local swim school. Up until then she had been a confident little ‘swimmer’ in the pool and loved swimming.

We joined Sue and John’s school and they were patient and kind and understanding. Slowly and steadily Georgie wanted to get back in the pool and learn again – and have fun! I have nothing but praise for both Sue and John’s commitment, enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine interest in all my girls and their developments.

Their methods of teaching work! The emphasis initially is ‘survival’ and then they focus on ‘technique’. My girls are now showing these skills but most importantly Larissa, Maddy and Georgie LOVE swimming anywhere and they love going to their lessons. Thank you Sue and John. I’d recommend you both and your swim school to all my friends.”
Louise Cochran, 24 August 2009.


“A friend originally told us about Aquatic Kidz Swim School. Our decision was made easier – we liked the fact it is a family owned and operated local small business.

The class sizes are great, having only 3 kids.

Both of my boys started with Sue in the baby/toddler class. Sue has great patience, spending time with each child working with them building up their water confidence at their own individual pace. She teaches you as the parent how to take your child under water. It is very rewarding to be involved and watch your child’s journey. In the same lesson Sue provides a warm, caring and fun environment with water games and activities.

I like that they try to group kids who are at the same level. They encourage kids to watch and learn from each other.

My boys progressed to John’s class once they had better knowledge of the basics. For the first time, I didn’t need to enter the pool. I can watch from the viewing windows in the waiting room.

I find John fantastic in dealing with 2-5 year old behavior. It can be anything from temper tantrums to unco-operativeness, playing up and crying. John is very tolerant, understanding, firm but fair. Each child in the class is given that one on one time to help them improve their technique, breathing and water safety.

Having two active boys that love the water, including swimming lessons once a week all year round, gives you as a parent piece of mind. Should they ever get into trouble, my kids are learning valuable life skills that can assist.”
Judith, November 2009.


“We have been part of Aquatic Kidz Swim School since before our daughter Olivia was two. We were unhappy at another swim school, so rang around to find a new school. In ringing around I spoke to Sue and she was the most informative and friendly person to whom I spoke to on that day. Being that I am a teacher my expectation may have been high. All in all though, I am a mum and Sue just made me feel at home. To me, 'that’s experience'.

We made an appointment to meet Sue and John and from then on our daughter would not even consider another swim school. Over the years Olivia has developed a great friendship with both Sue and John. They are caring, considerate and professional people. The small groups, one to one interaction and the fact that they are inclusive to all children is a hi-light of their school. Sue and John accept that little ones have their ups and downs and as a parent what more could you ask for. Thanks for everything.”
Tam, Steve and Olivia, January 2010.


Nearly three years ago, while at the shops, my husband and I came across Aquatic Kidz stall and decided to join our daughter up.  At the time it was mainly because we had a pool at our home, and also because we are a big water family.  We have since watched our daughter thrive.

When our son was born, naturally we were going to enrol him.  We did this at 8 weeks and he loved it.

Recently, after having a health scare I realized just how these lessons are helping my children.  I was home alone with my children, doing the nightly bath when I thought I was having a heart attack.  Trying to get my son out of the bath for the ambulance to come I dropped him back in, face first into the water.  Instant fear and panic, it took a few seconds to get him out.  When I did, he was smiling.  He had learned in his lessons about breath control, which I guess he put into practice for the seconds he was in the water. 

All my children will always be in lessons at Aquatic Kidz because there, it's about water safety first and foremost, with lots of fun too!

Renee, October 2010.

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